CAMA Spring Camp

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Cambridge Academy will be running a Martial Arts & Combat Sports Spring Training Camp on 27th & 28th March. We are also pleased to announce that Sports Specialists, Core Cambridge, will be with us on Day 1 to deliver a session on Sports Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Core Cambridge are cutting-edge professionals in Sport Science, and they work with many leading sports performers in this country.

European Canne de Combat Championships

CAMA has been chosen to host the next European Canne de Combat Championships in September 2010.

The competition will run over 2 days at the Leys Sports Complex, and we expect to see the top European Cannists in action there. We are beginning to plan for this event – we hope many members will want to be involved – if you are willing to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Senior Instructor Julie Gabriel . We are also looking for sponsors/partners, so if you have any ideas, please let us know.

Best Attendance 2009

Members with the best attendance records for 2009 (mondays – thursday evening classes) are being rewarded with a new club t-shirt. The winners are:

Mondays – Elijah Leo-Jacobs  (35/44)
Tuesdays – Tom Nix  (37/52)
Wednesdays – Kaye Li  (42/52)
Thursdays – Iain Collinson (35/49)
Overall – Rafal Tichanow  (111/197)

 Well done everyone! Dedication brings results!

Canne de Combat Championships

Matthew in flightIn August 2009, Cambridge Academy hosted the first GBSF Canne de Combat Championships. The Leys School Sports Complex was an excellent venue, with good space and facilities, and even allowing us to mark-up the ring on their Sports Hall floor.

The largest contingent of fighters and officials was, as expected, from Cambridge. Others came from London, Watford, Oxford, Surrey and Marburg (yes, Marburg, in Germany!)

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