Wheelchair Cane Fencing

You may have found this page when looking for a wheelchair sport to try, or maybe because you are interested in self-defence… either way, we are pleased that you found your way here! Wheelchair users are very welcome in all of our classes, but if you would like to try an inclusive, exciting new sport, we would be delighted to introduce you to wheelchair cane fencing – a form of Canne de Combat. Sessions run on the first Tuesday of each month.

World final between Sebastien and Guillaume

Canne de Combat is a sport dating from the time of the French revolution, when noblemen were no longer allowed to carry swords, and turned to the humble walking cane as a way to defend themselves.

In more recent times, canne has become an exciting, dynamic and inclusive sport. The first world championships were held in Milan, Italy, in September 2022.

Medallists at the World Finals in Milan

For more information on wheelchair cane fencing sessions, send us a quick email via our contact page Please say in your email that you are interested in Wheelchair Cane. If you prefer, you can call us on 01223 565020