Success for Bella!

Bella entered the Talent Competition of the World Youth Festival, which was held in Saudi Arabia and online. Senior Instructor Ollie Batts presented Bella with her bronze medal.

Martial Arts Cross-Training Seminar – 23rd October 2022

Thanks to everyone who attended the Martial Arts Cross-Training Seminar at St Bede’s. Senior Instructor Ollie Batts covered a wide range of empty-hand and weaponry skills from Kali, JKD, and Savate, with some bonus walking cane defences. It was good to see some old friends and make some new ones, and to get some great feedback.

Cambridge Savate Open – August 2022

Well done to all CAMA members who competed, officiated, and helped out at the Cambridge Open on Sunday 21st August 2022.

Especially well done to young Bella Petchell (11), who had four bouts during the day, the first against a girl from Birmingham (who was quite a bit bigger than her, although a similar age to Bella), and then three lads.

Bella won her first three bouts, but her fourth bout against a very good lad from Northern Ireland was a contest too far for her. Suitable matching on the day was difficult due to a lack of junior entries. Our own fault for picking August, and the peak holiday period I suppose!

In addition to the above, Bella’s Young Teen brother Billy (aged 13) was matched in his first contest against an 18-year-old Adult opponent. Billy put on a good show, but he had to settle for second best on this occasion. He had just one other contest (again due to a lack of suitable opponents), which he won, against a very sporting, but somewhat smaller lad from N.I.

Thanks to all those who came from various other parts of the U.K. to support the event. Especially good to see a return to Officialdom by our old friend Richard Muggeridge.

Ollie Batts 22/08/2022

Cambridge Savate Assaut Open, 25th August 2019

On Sunday 25th August, Savate Cambridge held its Midsummer Open, supported by Cambridge Academy. This was an opportunity to take part in a friendly Savate Assaut competition. The event was open to savateurs from any club and included several weight categories for men, women, boys and girls. 

The venue was our usual venue, St. Bede’s Sports Hall. The participants ranged in age from 7 to 60+ years, and included fighters from Cambridge, Birmingham and London. We were also privileged to have World Champion Smael Mayouf, from the Armentieres Club in France, participating. Twenty-eight assaut bouts were held during the day, with some excellent performances from kids and adults. Thanks to all who participated, and especially to the officials who worked hard all day.

French Grand Bâton with Frédéric Morin – Sunday 24th March

This event with French Bâton specialist, Frédéric Morin from France, will include strikes and blocks, as well as how to move dynamically with the Staff in training and in free-sparring. This video shows Frédéric Morin performing Bâton handling and very fine balancing skills between the hands: 

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Morgan brings home the medals

Morgan Alexander, an Instructor at the Academy, recently competed in the European Savate Combat Championships and the World Savate Assaut Championships.

The finals of the European Combat were held in the mythic Cirque d’hiver in Paris in September. Morgan faced a determined and more experienced opponent in the F-70kg final, and came away with the title of vice-champion of Europe.

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CAMA at the Cherry Hinton Festival, Saturday 22nd September

The Cherry Hinton Festival has a long history as a time of celebration for the harvest safely gathered in and of the years work successfully completed.  It continued yearly until the Second World War. Post-war Cherry Hinton didn’t have the heart to recapture those carefree days, but the festival was eventually revived in 1985, with the whole village invited to join in the preparation and planning of the event. The Festival has continued and grown every year since.

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Maul Mornie Seminar : Silat Suffian Bela Diri : 25th & 26th August 2018

The incredible Maul Mornie is only doing one seminar in the UK this year and it’s going to be in the beautiful University City of Cambridge over the weekend of 25th & 26th August. Maul is a Silat Master from Seria, a small town in Brunei, but he now runs seminars all around the world. His YouTube channel, Maul565, has over forty thousand subscribers, and millions of upload views. Please click on the following link if you are not already a follower:

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