Savate Double

Senior Instructor Julie Gabriel has had two trips to international Savate Events in as many weeks. The first trip was to La Coruna, Spain, where she represented Great Britain in the European Savate Assaut Championships in the 52-56kg category.

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Rick Faye’s Minnesota Kali Group

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts® is extremely proud of its long association with Rick Faye and his Minnesota Kali Group (MKG).

Our very first seminar in Cambridge with him took place in November 1990 and, since that time, he has been back again almost every year – in fact, he visited us twice in one year, at least, which effectively makes it an unbroken run.

Both Ollie Batts and Julie Gabriel are recognised MKG International Instructors under Rick Faye. Ollie was awarded his Level One Instructorship in JKD – Muay Thai – Silat in November 1998, his Panantukan Instructorship in November 1999 and his Level II (incl. Panantukan) Instructorships in February 2004.

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