Sian gets bronze!

Three members of the Academy represented Great Britain at the World University Savate Championships in Nantes, France, 23rd to 26th June 2010.

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Masterclass of Joint Locks, Holds & Counters

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts® presents a Masterclass, with Senior Instructor Ollie Batts.

This Masterclass Seminar will include:
Break-aways (escapes from holds)
Applications (how to apply locks effectively)
Technique of countering (using lock flow drills)
Tie-ups (immobilising holds)
Strategy (when to apply locks & holds)

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GBSF Instructor Training Day

CAMA hosted a training day for the Great Britain Savate Federation on Sunday 2nd May. About 20 people from 8 different clubs came along to the Leys Sports Complex.

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CAMA Spring Camp

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Cambridge Academy will be running a Martial Arts & Combat Sports Spring Training Camp on 27th & 28th March. We are also pleased to announce that Sports Specialists, Core Cambridge, will be with us on Day 1 to deliver a session on Sports Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Core Cambridge are cutting-edge professionals in Sport Science, and they work with many leading sports performers in this country.

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European Canne de Combat Championships

CAMA has been chosen to host the next European Canne de Combat Championships in September 2010.

The competition will run over 2 days at the Leys Sports Complex, and we expect to see the top European Cannists in action there. We are beginning to plan for this event - we hope many members will want to be involved - if you are willing to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Senior Instructor Julie Gabriel . We are also looking for sponsors/partners, so if you have any ideas, please let us know.