Frans Stroeven is steadily becoming a household name in the World of the Filipino Martial Arts. Not only in his home country the Netherlands but in many other countries around the world.

He has been training in the Doce Pares system for well over a decade, and was the representative of Doce Pares Multi Style Eskrima headed by GM Dionisio "Diony" Cañete for Europe. Whilst practicing Doce Pares, Frans Stroeven has gradually put his own mark on the system, and he has adapted and modernized it by incorporating his own Martial Arts experience.

Frans Stroeven has demonstrated his exceptional skills many times on the Islands of the Philippines. During the Master seminars 2004 in Cebu city he showed his skills not only to the Filipinos but to the whole world.

A demonstration with his wife Leonora Stroeven at the headquarters of Cacoy Doce Pares, Cebu City in 2006 was even broadcasted on television in the Philippines.

Frans Stroeven is currently the European President of Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima representing GM Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete.

By conducting seminars and educating new teachers Frans Stroeven continues to spread the art of Doce Pares Eskrima throughout Europe.


Saturday 9th April (Day I) times: 11am - 4.30pm.
Sunday 10th April (Day II) times: 10am - 3.30pm.
Day I will focus on Eskrima/Kali Stick(s) and Pangamot training,
Day II will be devoted to Knife training and Knife Defence ('Knife Day England').

The Leys School Sports Complex
Trumpington Road


On the door, cash payments: whole weekend = £70, one day = £45

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Others, weekend = £67.50

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