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Cambridge Academy will be running a Martial Arts & Combat Sports Spring Training Camp on 27th & 28th March. We are also pleased to announce that Sports Specialists, Core Cambridge, will be with us on Day 1 to deliver a session on Sports Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Core Cambridge are cutting-edge professionals in Sport Science, and they work with many leading sports performers in this country.

DAY 1 will include:
Filipino Kali/Eskrima
Sports Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Canne de Combat and Canne Chausson
and Boxing Training with Focus Mitts to round off the day

DAY 2 will include:

Grappling - kicking defences into take-downs and leglocks; takedowns from tie-ups, into submissions; locks and positional flow drills, standing and on the ground
Eskrima - Abecedario block and counters, into locks with a stick; and stick and knife drills with disarms
Empty-hand Kali - including: Hubud and Panantukan.

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