NEW for 2018 on Monday evenings : Savate Defence

Savate Defence (self defence training) for all Adults, 7.30 - 8.30pm
Taking bookings now

Our self defence courses are designed for adults and teenagers, and will introduce the concepts and skills necessary for self defence in a safe and enjoyable training environment. The best form of self defence is to not be in a situation where you may be vulnerable or at risk. Whilst an obvious statement, it is not that practical in the real world. In the event that we have been unable to avoid a potentially risky situation, and we find ourselves in immediate danger, we may need to employ a physical response. Anything you do should be simple and effective.

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Friday Night is Fight Night Training

Bottisham Sports Centre

Martial Arts Cross-Training for Fitness, Fun, and Self Defence.
Our instructors at Cambridge Academy have over 100 years of martial arts experience between them training at high levels in Kali-Silat, Sambo, Hapkido, Judo, and more!
We are pleased to welcome everyone, beginner or experienced martial artist, and to offer you a tried and tested blend of Stand-up, Striking, Joint Locks, Holds and Counters, Take-downs, and Ground-work!

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