Women's Awareness & Self Protection Group


Many people, particularly women, feel vulnerable from time-to-time, perhaps when travelling alone, when their car breaks down, sometimes at work, or when there are difficulties in a relationship or within the home. Our courses have an emphasis on avoiding situations, taking early evasive action, and when necessary using escape skills.

WASP instructors teach regulr self-defence courses at several local schools and colleges, including:
Perse Girls, St Mary's, St John's & St Bede's Schools, Chesterton & Netherhall Community Colleges, Parkside Federation, and Cottenham Village College.

We are also available to teach in youth clubs, university colleges and businesses. Here you can see employees of a local hotel enjoying a self-protection workshop.


As part of the Year 11 Physical Education curriculum, we also teach Kickboxing at some schools.

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