Video clips

A selection of short videos of Academy members and instructors
demonstrating techniques and taking part in competitions

Ollie and Morgan demonstrate some focus mitt drills
Demo of basic savate skills by members of Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts at the Cherry Hinton Festival, September 2007 
Julie and Morgan demonstrate kali double stick, single stick and empty-hand techniques 
Morgan and Julie demonstrate double and single canne assaut 
Enzo and Chris demonstrate Savate assaut (light contact) sparring. 
Enzo defends against Martin and Chris - Savate assaut (light contact) sparring
GBSF Savate Assaut League July 2007 - Women's 52-56kg - Julie (Cambridge) defeats Rachael (Oxford)
Great Britain Savate Assaut League Sep 2006, Guildford - good effort from Morgan against a fighter two weight categories above her




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