Ollie Batts Masterclass - Filipino Martial Arts - 29th June 2008

Senior Instructor Ollie Batts held a Filipino Martial Arts Masterclass at the Leys Sports Complex in June.

During the day, participants trained in stick, knife and empty-hand skills, including disarms, close-quarter tie-ups and take-downs.

Ollie also included Zubo™ palm stick training for striking and the application of locks and holds - especially useful for control and restraint purposes.

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If your group is interested in hosting a seminar with Ollie Batts, please get in touch with us: info (at) cama.org.uk

In addition to this kind of masterclass, Ollie can provide training in:

    • environmental self-defence
    • knife training and self-defence
    • Zubo™ palm stick training
    • kali / eskrima
    • savate kickboxing
    • savate defence
    • combat sombo
    • hapkido

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