Multi-discipline Martial Arts training (JKD Concepts)

If you want a real workout with the opportunity to improve your striking, close quarter and defensive skills, in a safe and fun environment, try this class.

Beginners always welcome!

 animated shootboxers

There are literally thousands of different styles of martial art available - the tricky thing is picking the right one for you. Some people like to train in 'traditional arts' or wear uniforms, some do not. Some people like to test themselves by entering competitions or taking part in gradings, some do not. At the Academy, we offer a relaxed and inclusive approach. We offer you a range of martial arts and martial art concepts, training with experienced and highly qualified instructors. We hold regular grading tests for those who aim to gain a black belt. If you are interested in entering competitions, we make sure that opportunities are available, but we won't put pressure on you to do so.

Our Multi-discipline Martial Arts (JKD Concepts) classes on tuesdays and thursdays are based around Bruce Lee's interpretation of the way forward in martial arts. You will learn long range skills (kicking & striking) entering into close quarter skills, including takedowns, joint-locks, tie-ups, chokes, nerve holds. Also included are Focus Mitt & Thai Pad Training for fitness and conditioning, as well as defence against weapons.

Working with thai pads and focus mitts is a dynamic form of training which will improve your efficiency and power, as well as your understanding of both attacking and defensive skills. Here you can see Richard working the focus mitts to give Glen a good workout.



Common themes in wrestling and grappling are the need to learn about and understand body mechanics, dedication to improvement in skills, stamina and strength, and the appropriate attitude to train safely with others. In this picture, grappling instructor, Tarquin, is demonstrating an armbar from Combat Sombo - the system of hand-to-hand fighting used by Soviet Spetsnaz (Special Forces) Troops.


See our Events page for details of Seminars and Events with the very best guest instructors from around the world. Below, you can see a few pictures taken at previous seminars:


Rick Faye - demonstrates a classic tie-up


National Sombo coach, Tim Thomas, instructing David and Tarquin


Salem Assli demonstrates a counter from Parisien Wrestling


Steven Benitez and assistant enjoying a demonstration of skills from Pencak Silat Hasilkan Penuh (Wali Songo Silat)


 Mo Teague believes in conditioning!


 savate kickboxing


 self defence

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