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Sunday 17th August - Close-Quarter Combat & Grappling Grading

Congratulations to the following members who successfully graded at the recent Close-Quarter Combat & Grappling seminar:

Morgan Alexander Black-Brown Assistant Instructor 
Sam Robbins  Black-Brown Assistant Instructor
Martin Liska  Half-Blue 
Rafal Tichanow  Green 
Mark Lane  Green 
Mark Bartley  Half-Green 
Nikki Bartley  Half-Green 
Annie Conklin  Half-Green 
Ian Rogers  Yellow
Matt Rogers  Yellow
Jules Jacobsen  Yellow

For photos of the event, go here


Sunday 27th July - Annual Beach Barbeque

It's that time of the year again... we've just had our annual pilgrimage to the North Norfolk Coast to pay homage to the power of the North Sea. Eight members of the Academy made the trip this year - and 6 actually went in the water. Yes, you are meant to go in the water - it's good for your soul (or something)! This year, we were rewarded with several visits from a very friendly seal...

Photos courtesy of Trevor Massey:


CAMA Demo at the Milton Summer Fete - 12th July 2008

Eleven members assisted Senior Instructor, Ollie Batts, putting on a demonstration of martial arts including Kali, Savate and Canne de Combat at the Milton Village Summer Fete. Despite the weather, several other members and friends came along to support. Photo shows Enzo and Chris in action! Demo participants (in alphabetical order):

Chris Hill
Enzo Sgaramella
Julie Gabriel
Mariusz Drozdziel
Mark Bartley
Morgan Alexander
Ollie Batts
Rafal Tichanow
Sam Robbins
Signe Gundersen
Simon Whitmore
Trevor Massey








Following a meeting of CAMA instructors and senior members, which took place on Saturday 28th June, an Executive Committee (made up of CAMA instructors) has now been appointed. Their names are as follows:

Ollie BATTS (Director & Senior Instructor)
Dr Julie GABRIEL (Director & Senior Instructor)
Tarquin BENNETT-COLES (Sombo & Grappling instructor)
Morgan ALEXANDER (Kali & Canne de Combat instructor)
Chris HILL (Savate instructor)

Several senior members present at that meeting, and others who could not attend, have said that they would be willing to assist the Academy, including serving on focus groups and sub-committees, such as Equalities, Safety, and Social.



Instructors Julie Gabriel and Morgan Alexander took part in the 2008 Internationaux de Paris - an assaut competition open to all FIS member federations. The competition included fighters from Belgium, Japan, Iran and Italy, as well as many from France. Julie and Morgan were adopted by the Montreuil club, and had the benefit of Florent Lazare as their cornerman. Florent is an old friend of the Academy, and has recently won the Championnat de France Technique in the Super-Lightweight category.


CAMA hosted the second event of the GBSF 2008 National Assaut League in May. Eleven fighters represented the Academy - four of them entering the ring for the first time. The Academy had five winners, three second places and one third place.

Our winners were:
Women - under 48 kg Agnes Aubert
Women - 52 to 56 kg Julie Gabriel
Women - 56 to 60 kg Annie Conklin
Men - Over 85 kg Rafal Tichanow
Junior Women - 52 to 56 kg Sian Clark

For full report and photos, click here


CAMA Instructors Ollie Batts, Julie Gabriel & Morgan Alexander were invited to teach at the O Yama Ryu Goshin Jitsu Weapons Festival in Gorleston, in May. There was a good turn out from the host club, with around two dozen junior and senior members taking part. Ollie taught Zubo™ control and restraint skills. Julie and Morgan introduced Canne de Combat. For photos, click here



Senior Academy Instructor, Ollie Batts has been featured as Personality of the Month on the new International Savate Federation website. The Great Britain Savate Federation was founded 10 years ago - the league event to be held in Cambridge in May will celebrate the anniversary. Ollie has been President of the federation for several years during which time the GBSF has grown and developed, now having clubs from Kent to the North of England.



On Sunday 6th April, the Academy hosted a very successful event on behalf of the Great Britain Savate Federation. Instructors and their students from Birmingham, London, Malvern, Margate and Oxford joined the Cambridge Savateurs. Thirty people took grading tests over 5 levels. The highlight of the day, for most people, was watching Chris Hill (CAMA) and James Southwood (ex-CAMA, now London Instructor) in action - both achieved their Yellow Glove rank. Yellow is the highest colour glove rank below Silver Glove. Well done everyone who took part – the results and more pictures are available on the GBSF website.




On Sunday 30th March, Senior Instructor Ollie Batts held a Masterclass in Joint Locks, Holds & Counters at the Leys Sports Complex.

Participants learnt how to apply a wide range of locks and holds, including how to ‘chain’ locks together into flow drills. Training also included escapes, counters and reversals to a number of locks and holds.

Photos are available here. There are still a few attendance certificates, as yet unclaimed, so let us know if you haven't had yours yet.



On Sunday 9th March, several members travelled to Oxford to take part in the first GBSF Savate Assaut National League event of 2008. For Sian, Eric and Mariusz, this was their first venture into competition - all three performed very well. Results and pictures can be found here



Grandmaster Danny Guba returned to Cambridge on sunday 3rd February for a Doce Pares Eskrima training seminar. To see the photos from the day, click here





In January, Instructors Julie Gabriel and Morgan Alexander attended an intensive and extended weekend of Canne Chausson & Canne de Combat training, with Yonnel Kurtz, in Paris.

Canne Chausson is a dynamic blend of savate kicking techniques and canne striking techniques. For a taster, see this video





Senior instructor Julie Gabriel attended the finals of the World Combat Championships in Trèbes, France, in December to train and test to be an international official. After a theory test, she had the privilege of sitting at the Delegate Official's table so that her mentor could check her ability to score the fights. Fortunately, she got the correct result each time! Whilst there, she also took a few pictures and videos.



1st - 4th November - Instructors Julie Gabriel and Morgan Alexander went over to Belgium as part of the Great Britain team. Both had some tough opponents and, although they came close, unfortunately neither made it into the Semi's or the Finals.

Former CAMA members, James Southwood (who now has his own school in London) and Laura Gilbert (who now also runs her own school in Oxford), managed to come away with some hardware in their divisions. James won the Silver medal in the men's 75-80kg division and Laura won a Bronze in the women's 60-65kg division. Lizzy Hawkins from London (yet another who started off her Savate training in Cambridge) became the European Champion in the women's 70-75kg.

All in all, Team GB did very well. They went over with eight fighters, and they came back with 5 medals: one Gold, two Silver, and two Bronze medals.

Former member, Jasbir Nagi, who now runs his own club in Malvern also attended the Championships. Nagi took part as an official - a vital role - without officials, no-one else gets to fight... Thanks, Nagi!

Go here to read more


GBSF Savate Assaut League 2007 - Event 3 of 3

Sun 14 Oct The final event in the 2007 GBSF League took place in London and a few members from CAMA went along to compete, officiate and to watch.

CAMA Instructors Julie Gabriel and Morgan Alexander came top in their weight
division over the three events, as did member Agnes Aubert in her division. All three have retained their status as Great Britain Champions.

For all the results click here

Representing Great Britain

Two members of the Academy have been selected to represent Great Britain in the European Savate Assaut Championships in November 2007. Julie Gabriel (F52-56kg) and Morgan Alexander (F65-70kg) will travel to Tournai, Belgium, with seven other fighters from Guildford, London and Oxford for the two day event. Both fighters are current British Champions in their weight categories, and both represented GB last year in the World Assaut Championships held in Paris.

Julie in the ring with a Slovenian fighter
at the 2006 World Champs

 Morgan vs. Lizzie Hawkins (London) at a League event


CAMA Demo at the Cherry Hinton Festival - 8th September 2007

Eleven members assisted Senior Instructor, Ollie Batts, putting on a demonstration of martial arts including Kali, Savate and Canne de Combat at the Cherry Hinton Festival. Several other members and friends came along to support. Short video clips of the demo are currently showing on the CAMA home page. Photo shows members preparing bodies, kit and minds for action! Demo participants (in alphabetical order):

Agnès Aubert
Bob Marrah
Clare Morgan
Chris Hill
Enzo Sgaramella
Julie Gabriel
Martin Ive
Morgan Alexander
Ollie Batts
Signe Gundersen
Simon Whitmore
Stu McIntyre

Canne de Combat Exchange with the Thiais Club

Five members of the Academy recently took part in a special training weekend for Canne and Baton in Thiais, south of Paris, France. At the invitation of Gilles Le Duigou, President of the International Savate Federation and his local Canne and Baton Club, Bob Marrah, Julie Gabriel, Morgan Alexander, Newman Burdett and Tim Webb enjoyed three days of training with Professeur Philippe Aguesse and the excellent hospitality of the Thiais Club members and officials. For pictures and videos, click here.

Annual Trip to North Norfolk Coast

Despite the lack of a noticeable summer, six members of the Academy ventured north to the seaside in late august. We had a really fun day of swimming (oh yes we did!), lazing, and barbequing at Cley, followed later in the day by a walk along the prom at Sheringham and a fish & chip supper.


Some more photos:

 CAMA Home Page

 Older grading results

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