Filipino Martial Arts - KALI / Eskrima

The Filipino martial arts reflect the multi-racial society from which they come. Kali is a blend of an uncountable number of individual styles and systems, developed over several centuries. The principles of combat are based on understanding angles of attack and defence - so it makes little difference whether your opponent is empty-handed or carries a weapon.

You can train in Kali for self-defence, competition, fitness and co-ordination, or just for fun. Kali can be studied by young, old, able-bodied and people with disabilities. Classes include training with sticks and other weaponry, as well as empty-hand training.

We offer training in Filipino Kali in our Integrated Martial Arts classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please see our class schedule for details. Beginners are welcome at all of these classes.

Image shows Rick Faye and Julie working one of many single stick drills. Single stick training can help to improve reflexes and sensitivity.
Image shows Ollie and Rick training a panantukan drill. Panantukan, or filipino boxing, includes manipulation of the opponents body and limbs, body angling and lead switching, sectoring and countering, as well as a wide range of strikes.

Cambridge Academy instructors first began training in the Filipino Martial Arts in 1989. Since that time they have attended and hosted many training seminars with leading exponents such as: the legendary Dan Inosanto, Rick Faye, Richard Bustillo, Rick Young, Bob Breen, Terry Barnett, Marc McFann, and late greats Larry Hartsell and Terry Gibson. Both Ollie and Julie are certified instructors under Rick Faye (Minnesota Kali Group, USA).

We have also trained specifically in the world-famous Doce Pares Eskrima multi-style system, under Grandmaster Danny Guba (10th Degree Black Belt), for several years now. Ollie is currently ranked 4th Degree Black Belt and Julie 2nd Degree Black Belt respectively. They have both also attended training seminars with Doce Pares legends Cacoy and Dionisio Canete, and Percival Pableo.

As well as class sessions, Ollie and Julie are both available for private tuition at other times. Email or Phone 01223 - 565020 for more information about classes or private tuition.

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