Academy equipment and clothing

All members should receive a CAMA t-shirt on paying their annual membership fee - any members who have not received their t-shirt should contact Julie. Members who want to buy equipment or additional clothing should speak to Julie or email for prices and availability of items on this page. Julie cannot supply equipment to non-members. If you are interested in purchasing martial arts or boxing equipment, and are not a member, please contact Ollie.

Equipment usually in stock:

Savate kickboxing gloves
English boxing gloves
MMA gloves
Bag gloves

Focus mitts

Savate boots
Boxing boots
Wrestling boots

Gum shields
Shin guards
Groin guards
Head guards

Glove inners
Hand wraps

Belts/sashes (various colours)

Kali/escrima sticks
Training daggers (rubber or wood)
Stick bags

Ash sticks (cane-fighting)

Sombo wrestling boots
Sombo jackets

Clothing for purchase:


CAMA t-shirt

Academy colour - bottle green

Also usually available in navy blue and black. Other colours can be ordered. Limited number of sweatshirts also in stock.

 Savate T-shirts


CAMA Savate t-shirt

Available in black and royal blue with white printing, and grey and khaki with black printing. Other colours can be ordered.

 Special T-shirts


CAMA Special t-shirts

Designed by Ollie, some for special events - various designs and colours available.

 Embroidered clothing


Embroidered clothing

We have two embroidery designs - the kickbox logo or CAMA lettering. Can be embroidered onto polo-shirts, rugby shirts, jackets, fleece tops, shorts... your choice...

Other clothing

Currently, we have a selection of thai shorts, ladies boxing shorts, running shorts, fleece tops, tracksuits and training trousers in stock - just ask...


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