Savate – French Boxing

Savate (pronounced sa-vat) combines effective hand strikes and dynamic kicks, and was a demonstration sport in the Paris Olympic Games in 1924. Several members of the Academy have represented Great Britain in European and World Championship competitions.

Our Savate classes concentrate on kicking and punching skills, mobility and defence. You can build up your fitness and progress at your own pace. We include ‘sparring skills’ for anyone who would like to learn to spar, as well as sparring sessions for intermediate and advanced students.

For Adults & Teens, we have Savate classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays. We also have Tiger Cubs Savate classes for youngsters aged 8 to 12 years on Mondays and Thursdays. See our Class Timetable in the Joining the Academy menu for further details.

You are welcome to join us whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced martial artist. If you are new to martial arts, you may find it helpful to join one of our four week introductory courses, but this isn’t essential.

In addition, we offer classes in Savate’s sister art: Canne de Combat, which is a traditional French stick fighting art consisting of striking techniques, blocks, feints and combinations. It is a long range, graceful art, involving stylish striking and athletic movement. In all free play (sparring) and in competition, padded clothing, gloves and headguards are worn.