Cambridge Savate Open – August 2022

Well done to all CAMA members who competed, officiated, and helped out at the Cambridge Open on Sunday 21st August 2022.

Especially well done to young Bella Petchell (11), who had four bouts during the day, the first against a girl from Birmingham (who was quite a bit bigger than her, although a similar age to Bella), and then three lads.

Bella won her first three bouts, but her fourth bout against a very good lad from Northern Ireland was a contest too far for her. Suitable matching on the day was difficult due to a lack of junior entries. Our own fault for picking August, and the peak holiday period I suppose!

In addition to the above, Bella’s Young Teen brother Billy (aged 13) was matched in his first contest against an 18-year-old Adult opponent. Billy put on a good show, but he had to settle for second best on this occasion. He had just one other contest (again due to a lack of suitable opponents), which he won, against a very sporting, but somewhat smaller lad from N.I.

Thanks to all those who came from various other parts of the U.K. to support the event. Especially good to see a return to Officialdom by our old friend Richard Muggeridge.

Ollie Batts 22/08/2022