Mid-Summer Savate Grading – Congratulations !

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts has been teaching the combat sport of Savate Boxe Française (French Boxing), since the early 1990s. CAMA and savage Cambridge instructors held a grading session in July. Adult and Tiger cub members tested for Blue, Green and Red glove levels.

The participants showed attack and counter-attack skills, combinations, themed sparring and free sparring. CAMA Senior Instructors Ollie Batts and Julie Gabriel assessed each candidate. We are delighted to congratulate all our members who participated in the test. Congratulations and thanks to instructors Ollie, Julie, Morgan and Jon who prepared them so well.

Red glove rank was awarded to:
Hamzah Husseini

Green Glove was awarded to:
Christopher Shenton
Shi Kwan Lin

Blue glove rank was awarded to: