French Grand Bâton with Frédéric Morin – Sunday 24th March

This event with French Bâton specialist, Frédéric Morin from France, will include strikes and blocks, as well as how to move dynamically with the Staff in training and in free-sparring. This video shows Frédéric Morin performing Bâton handling and very fine balancing skills between the hands: 

The training day itself will be restricted in both numbers, and who is eligible to attend. If you already practise with the Grand Bâton, or Staff (Bo or Jo, etc.), then do please contact us with a brief résumé of your previous experience. We will then be able to assess whether this training event will be suitable for you or not.

In advance: £10 CAMA Members or £15 Others.
On-the-day surcharge of an additional £5 on the above costs. All levels welcome. Contact Ollie for more information.

St Bedes’s School
Birdwood Road 

9:00 – 12 noon
Arrive 8:45