Congratulations to the Savate Tigers

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts has been teaching the combat sport of Savate Boxe Française (French Boxing), since the early 1990s. In more recent years, CAMA has introduced the Savate Tigers training programme, specifically for pre-teens. The programme is based on the French training model for junior Savateurs, known as ‘La progression Kangourou’.

The first levels of Savate Tigers introduce children to the rules of sport and Savate French boxing in particular. The programme also helps to build self confidence, self control, respect for others and understanding of rules. 

For the last few training sessions, Cambridge Academy Savate Tigers have been preparing for promotional testing. The test finally took place on Monday 5th March 2018. CAMA Senior Instructor Ollie Batts led the youngsters through the required skills. Ollie and Instructor Morgan Alexander assessed each candidate.

We are delighted to congratulate all our junior members who participated in the test, and especially those achieved their goals:

Savate Tiger 1, Level 1 Savate Tiger 1, Level 2 Savate Tiger 1, Level 3

George Mortleman
Joe Struthers
Noah Deighton
Sam Bradley
Ubaid Raja


Ben Lucraft
Hasan Miah
Hayden Batts
Jake Lucraft
Julia Moretti
Laura Moretti
Sarah Krueger

Amina Miah
Bella Petchell
Billy Petchell
Elise Briatte
Isaac West
Jacob West

 Congratulations and thanks to instructors Morgan & Ollie who prepared them so well.