Morgan takes Bronze in the World Championships in Croatia

Morgan Alexander, an Instructor at the Academy, recently competed in the 2016 Savate Assaut World Championships and Canne de Combat World Championships. Forty countries participated in the championships, which were both held in Varazdin, Croatia.

In Savate Assaut, the objective is to make contact with ones opponent, using a variety of kicks and punches, ideally without the opponent scoring against you. Assaut bouts are judged on demonstrating superior technical skills and ability, including scoring points by making contact.

In her first poule match (of the F65-70kg division), Morgan came up against the local (Croatian) Champion, who she beat relatively comfortably. In her next bout she also beat the powerful Serbian Champion. In her final poule match, she was up against her old rival, Annukka Volotinen, the current World Champion from Finland. Bouts between Morgan and Annukka are always hard-fought, very sporting, and a pleasure to watch. But at the final bell, Morgan unfortunately came out on the wrong side of the decision. Her earlier wins saw her finish second to Annukka in her poule and go through to the Semi-Finals the following day. In the semis, she met the very good French Champion, Moussou Tounkara. Despite a fantastic effort, Morgan missed out by the slimmest of margins. So as in the 2012 World Savate Assaut Championships, Morgan once again had to settle for a Bronze Medal, to go along with the Silver Medal she won last year at the 2015 European Championships, held in Budapest.

In the Canne de Combat Championships, Morgan had two bouts against two of the top female Cannistes in the World – including against Nicole HOLZMANN from Germany, a former World Champion, who also went on to win this year’s event. Her other opponent was Niké NYILASY-SZILBERHORN from Hungary (currently ranked 6th in the World). Morgan put up determined opposition in both her bouts, but was unable to score enough hits compared to the number she received. The photo below shows a line-up of some of the countries participating at the championships.