Morgan Alexander

Morgan Alexander, instructorMorgan Alexander began training, with Julie, in self defence and Kali in 1997. She joined the Academy in 1999, and was awarded her JKD/Kali instructor qualification in September 2006. Morgan was awarded Instructor Level 2 in CAMA JKD-Kali-Silat ‘Integrated Fighting Arts’ in October 2009. Morgan also holds Moniteur status in Savate and Canne de Combat and brown belt in Doce Pares Eskrima.

Morgan competed in the World Canne de Combat Championships in 2004 (La Réunion, France), 2008 (Marburg, Germany), 2012 (St Herblai, France) and 2016 (Varazdin, Croatia).

Morgan has been a member of the GB national Savate team since 2006 and was a Bronze medallist in the 2012, 2016 and 2017 World Savate Assaut Championships and World Savate
Combat Championships. She was also a Silver Medallist in the 2015 European Savate Assaut Championships. She also represented GB in the World Combat Games in 2013 (St Petersburg, Russia).