Stick, Knife & Empty-hands Seminar

Ollie applies wrist lock

This was an opportunity too good to miss! On 16th December, Ollie Batts taught a masterclass in stick, knife and empty-hand techniques from a range of arts including Eskrima, JKD-Kali-Silat, Panantukan, Combat Sambo, Hapkido, Savate Defence and more.

The seminar took place at the Leys, in Cambridge, and was attended by enthusiastic members of Cambridge Academy and visiting students.

Ollie warmed up the group with stick work from Kali/Eskrima, before moving on to knife technique and disarms. He followed this with a range of empty-hand skills, including his renowned joint-locking skills.

Ollie is the Senior Instructor at the Academy, and has trained in martial arts for 40 years, and holds instructor qualifications in several arts. Recently, he was honoured with a Martial Arts Hall of Fame award. He is available for seminars in the UK and overseas, as well as one-to-one and small group training.

integrated fighting arts seminar

ollie disarms rafal

ollie applies come-along technique