Masterclass of Joint Locks, Holds & Counters

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts® presents a Masterclass, with Senior Instructor Ollie Batts.

This Masterclass Seminar will include:
Break-aways (escapes from holds)
Applications (how to apply locks effectively)
Technique of countering (using lock flow drills)
Tie-ups (immobilising holds)
Strategy (when to apply locks & holds)

You will learn how to apply a wide range of locks and holds, including how to ‘chain’ locks together into what we call “flow drills”. You will also learn several escapes, counters and reversals to a number of locks and holds.

During the day, Ollie will also cover how to use the Zubo™ This is a small palm stick which can be used for striking and the application of locks and holds, and it is especially useful for control and restraint purposes.

Date: Sunday 13th June, 2010
Times : 11am – 4pm
Venue: The Leys School Sports Complex, Cambridge, CB2 2AD

Cost: £25 if pre-registered and pre-paid, or £30 if on-the-door

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For further information, email Ollie