Swiss adventure


A few days before the celebration of its 25th anniversary, March 23rd, the International Savate Federation (FISav) sent a delegation to Lausanne (Switzerland). 

Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee met with the delegation, and presented a small gift of the Olympic rings to FISav President, Gilles Le Duigou.

Dr Jacques Rogge congratulated the members of the Federation for their entry into international university sport (FISU). He made several encouraging comments about the FISav application to join SportAccord.  He also described his concern for education and his constant promotion of ethics in all his work.  The President mentioned the importance of good governance and of a good structure within a federation.  “The IOC is open to you…  Keep your enthusiasm and put it to the service of your beautiful cause.

Academy Instructor, Julie Gabriel, who works on communication for FISav was a member of the delegation.  She received a plaque to mark the occasion. Other highlights of the visit included a visit to the Olympic Museum to present the first flag of FISav, some good food, some not so good food, and a photo shot outside the IOC building.