SportAccord Success

The International Savate Federation has been accepted for membership of SportAccord (AGFIS). This is a big step along our route towards Olympic recognition for Savate.


See below a letter from FISav President, Gilles Le Duigou, which we have received this morning: 

Dear Friends,
If you haven’t already heard, I have the pleasure of informing you of the entry of Savate into SportAccord. When I was elected as President, I announced that this recognition was my principal objective. On 30th April, in Dubai, the General Assembly of SportAccord (AGFIS) voted by a very wide majority to admit Savate to membership. This is a historic date for Savate; the educational and athletic qualities of our sport are recognized by a major world-wide sporting institution.

This recognition comes from the work of all the lovers of Savate, the leaders, the teachers and the practitioners, each having contributed to show the values of Savate. In a short time, Savate has taken a big step, FISav, today:
– Is recognized by the International Federation of University Sports, with a first World Championship in 2010 in Nantes (France),
– Has become a large democratic federation, every national federation, regardless of size, is now equal with others within the General Assembly,
– Autonomous confederacies in every continent, with the means of their autonomy,
– The creation of Savate Pro, a new form of practice for the high level athletes, with the award of championship belts and increasing the media coverage of Savate.
– A first World Championship for under 18s, in France in 2011.

We have other important objectives, such as Olympic recognition; we continue to work!

On your behalf, I particularly want to thank Julie Gabriel (GBR) and Glennys Verone who worked on the application file, and Alexandre Walnier who represented us brilliantly. Tonight, we can all enjoy some Champagne.

Gilles Le Duigou