European Canne de Combat Championships

CAMA has been chosen to host the next European Canne de Combat Championships in September 2010.

The competition will run over 2 days at the Leys Sports Complex, and we expect to see the top European Cannists in action there. We are beginning to plan for this event – we hope many members will want to be involved – if you are willing to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Senior Instructor Julie Gabriel . We are also looking for sponsors/partners, so if you have any ideas, please let us know.

Best Attendance 2009

Members with the best attendance records for 2009 (mondays – thursday evening classes) are being rewarded with a new club t-shirt. The winners are:

Mondays – Elijah Leo-Jacobs  (35/44)
Tuesdays – Tom Nix  (37/52)
Wednesdays – Kaye Li  (42/52)
Thursdays – Iain Collinson (35/49)
Overall – Rafal Tichanow  (111/197)

 Well done everyone! Dedication brings results!